Lady Bison start district with huge win against Teague


pate photo

Junior Marisa Jones and sophomore Taylor Shelton block the progress of a Teague player. The Lady Bison beat the higher-ranked team.

    The district season started off with a bang for the Lady Bison as they took Teague in a home game 50-46. The Ladies toughed it out in a game full of fouls and rough play, gaining a big win over a team that is ranked in several polls to win district this season.

    “It’s hard to think that district has already started,” junior Marissa Jones said. “I’m happy that we were able to come out with a win to such a strong team.”

    The district season has yet to start for the boys team, but they are determined to be a better team than last year. Even though they have not started district they are playing pre season games as if they are district games. On the same night the girls took control of the Teague game, the boys experienced their first loss of the season in a regular game with a score of 65-82.

    “We have come a long way since last year,” varsity coach David Land said. “We were this close to going to playoffs last year, and I have made that our goal for this year: make it to playoffs.”

    Both teams are into tournament season right now as well, along with regularly-scheduled games. The coaches say they like tournaments because it gives their players a chance to take on teams they usually don’t play; players like them as well.

    “Tournaments are great practice because they give us new opponents,” sophomore Bryce Pauler said. “It gives us a chance to better ourselves as players and our teamwork.”