Bison pull in win against Westwood


April Martinez

Buffalo fans packed the stands, hoping for a victory against the Westwood Panthers (0-2). Although they made several mistakes throughout the game, the Bison came out on top with a 41-21 score, moving their season record to 1-1.

“We can always play better,” Junior Benito Avila said. “We had a good game, but not everything was perfect, so we just need to keep practicing to improve on some stuff.”

No touchdowns were made during the first quarter, but the game quickly escalated once the second quarter started. The Panthers scored two touchdowns within minutes of each other. Then out of the blue, senior James Phillips scores with a five-yard running touchdown, which led to the end of the second quarter.

“After Westwood scored those two touchdowns, I wasn’t sure if we were able to catch up to them,” junior Ambrosio Villagomez said. “But I’m also thinking to myself that it’s only the second quarter; we’ll still be able to beat them.”

After halftime, Westwood kicked off the ball to Buffalo and soon after, two more touchdowns were scored by Phillips, followed by a field goal from junior Francisco Saldana.

“I feel a lot of pressure when kicking the field goal because if I miss, then that means fewer points which could really affect the team,” Saldana said. “I felt confident, though, because I work hard during every practice.”

The fourth quarter begins with a surprise touchdown by the Panthers as they take the lead with a score of 21-20, but soon after, Phillps and senior Jamaul Randle, score three more touchdowns with a final score of 41-21. Junior Asa Henson, Avila, Jordon Rogers and senior Roberto Garcia provided a strong defense, as well.

“James was definitely one of our best players during that game,” Villagomez said. “He had over 200 yards and five touchdowns, which definitely helped us win.”

The Bison will take on the Groveton Indians (2-0) on September 13.

“I believe we’re going to go out there and play some Bison football,” Henson said. “The Groveton Indians are going to know who came to their field by the end of it.”