Bison lose bi-district bid


pate photo

The Bison pile onto a Corrigan player to stop him from gaining any more yardage during the bi-district championship game. The Bison fell to the Corrigan team.

    Last week the football team headed to Crockett to vie for the bi-district title against Corrigan-Camden. Despite a 60-14 loss, they were proud of making the playoffs and working together as a team.

    “I wasn’t pleased that we lost, but at the end of the game I was proud because we didn’t give up, we tried,”senior JJ Kolb said.“My uncle, DeMarco Murray, plays for the Cowboys, and I want to be just like him.”

    One of the team’s proudest accomplishments, according to senior Logan Jones, was their ability to work together throughout the season, win or lose.

    “All of my family has always played, and I just enjoy being in the atmosphere and playing,” Jones said. “I am proud of my team because we had to go through a lot and we came together.”

    Remembering that each member of their team was an important component was one of the goals of the team for the year that they felt they accomplished.

    “There is no such thing as an important player; everyone is equal. Everyone has a job and if they complete it, the team will be successful,” senior Tyler Adams said. “A great football player is someone who is dedicated, motivated, and determined to work their butt off.”

    The team knows it gained  fan respect throughout the season, even if their playoff bid was cut short.

    “It feels great knowing that our fans are there for us,” senior Trent Martin said. “No matter how bad we lose, our fans are still cheering.”