Scenes from “In the Woods”


Lilah Adams as the witch speaks of her love of daughter Rapunzel.

The theatre department performed their annual musical twice for the community, with both nights drawing large crowds despite the freezing weather. The cast and crew performed Into the Woods, transforming the auditorium into a wooded forest complete with Rapunzel’s tower. The musical, which was three hours long with intermission, followed the quest of the baker and his wife to break a witch’s curse as well as the ensuing battle to save the kingdom from an angry giant.

Witch Lilah Adams shows off her new look after the curse is broken.
Stepsisters Mollie Dittmar and Madison Rowan are blinded by crows at Cinderella’s wedding.
Narrator Colby Menefee sings to close out the first act.
Jack, played by Kayleigh Rhodes, holds tight to her golden-egg-laying chicken.
Evil stepmother Taylor Lack cuts off a part of daughter Mollie Dittmar’s foot so that the golden slipper will fit.
Evan Grisham and Tate Slaughter share their agony at being paired with women who don’t make them completely happy.
The baker, Zach White, speaks with a spirit in the forest who turns out to be his father, played by Peyton Graves.
Gracie Davis as Cinderella comes to realize that life as the wife of a prince is not always perfect.
Witch Lilah Adams punishes her daughter Rapunzel, played by Josalyn Taylor, for inviting the prince up to her tower.
Cinderella, played by Gracie Davis, hides behind Milky White, who was played by Landon Folsom.
Jack, played by Kayleigh Rhodes, pleads with his mother, played by Katie Villarreal, to not throw the magic beans away.
Lilah Adams as the witch speaks of her love of daughter Rapunzel.
The evil stepmother, played by Taylor Lack, and her daughters, played by Mollie Dittmar and Madison Rowan, are ready to go to the ball.
Zach White, playing the baker, tries to talk Little Red Riding Hood, played by Sheri Donaldson, into sharing her cloak with him.
Evan Grisham, who plays Rapunzel’s prince, sings of his love for her.
The witch, played by Lilah Adams, urges the baker to hurry and find the objects she instructed him to bring to her.
Jack, played by Kayleigh Rhodes, leads her cow Milky White, played by Landon Folsom, to market.
Cinderella, played by Gracie Davis, sobs at the tree she planted for her mother.
The wolf, played by senior Tate Slaughter, sings to Little Red Riding Hood.
The baker, played by Zach White, hides and watches the wolf’s conversation with Little Red Riding Hood.