Students study dead pig


scott photo

Forensics students Roy Kuykendall and Austin Melton study insects they caught in a net at the site of the dead pig while teacher Patrice Cox looks on. The class went out every day for a couple of weeks to examine the pig.

Going for a run on the school’s cross country trail was not as pleasant for the past few weeks. Anyone who headed out that way recently was assaulted by a horrible smell – a dead smell. Anyone who braved it out and kept going was going to come across the dead body the smell belonged to: a dead pig.

The forensics class spent the last few weeks studying the body of a decaying pig. They focused on insect life growing and thriving in the dead body to help see what types of life develops in dead bodies at certain time periods after death.

“This is something fun for the student to really learn and have an idea about what happens to a dead body that is left in the woods,” teacher Patricia Cox.

The students could have been on a crime show with their analysis, and much of it was similar to scenes on shows like Bones or Law and Order.

“The idea of it all was cool but honestly it is kind of gross,” junior Diana Guerrero said. “If I do decide to go into the crime and justice field, this will be useful.”

Many students were excited even though the body itself was revolting to be near.

“It’s great that we are actually doing stuff in the class; I didn’t expect that we would do such hands-on work,” senior Erykah Anderson said. “We go and see it every day, and we treat the scene and all as if its a crime scene. I can act like a detective.”