Global Nomad students participate in international conference


menefee photo

Global Nomad students visit with students in Jordan via an international video conference last week.

This year, members of the journalism and competitive speech classes are participating in a program called Global Nomads, which matches schools from around the world to complete projects together in order to promote understanding. Last week, the group gathered at school early to participate in their first international conference call with  their sister school Dhahiat Alrasheed in Jordan.

“It was exciting to finally get to conference with the other school,” adviser Melonie Menefee said. “We’ve been working on assignments, and I have conferenced with the teacher from Jordan, but it was fun to watch the students “meet” for the first time.”

Students from both schools asked questions designed to help them get to know each other.

“I learned some very interesting things about the culture in Jordan,” junior Kaci Allen said. “The way that things are widely accepted here are not that common there really fascinated me.”

The conference was shorter than planned due to technical difficulties in Jordan, but there was time for each school to sing to the other – the students from Dhahiat Alrasheed sang their national anthem while Buffalo students sand the school song.

“It was amazing because I had never done something like that before,” freshman Lilah Molina said. “Being able to talk to the girls from Jordan and to hear their national anthem was a really cool experience.”

The students will conference three more times this semester and will work on projects throughout. With each conference, the students hope to learn more about each other and their different cultures.

“I thought it was neat to learn new things about them,” freshman Gracie Davis said. “I got to learn things they news doesn’t really talk about.”