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New coffee spot opens up in town

“Life Happens… Coffee Helps!!”

This is what the chalkboard sign says outside of the town’s newest coffee shop, The Coffee Nook. 

Sierra “Sisi” Heneralau, the manager of The Coffee Nook, opened up the rustic-chic cafe on August 3 after about three months of preparing the shop for business. 

“When I moved here with my boyfriend, Zach Cornish, his dad told me there were no coffee shops in Buffalo,” Heneralau said. “Mr. Cornish said he had the equipment and asked if I would be interested in running it because I love coffee, and I need coffee to survive.”

The cafe gives off a great western vibe, along with a strong, friendly atmosphere. Heneralau and business partner Jim Cornish wanted to create a comfortable environment for students and adults alike.

“I wanted to create a place for teens and older folk to hang out, enjoy coffee, and just relax,” Heneralau said. “There is so much fast food, and I don’t think it makes a very comfortable environment.”

Despite having just opened, the shop is nicely decorated with plush couches, wooden tables, and a metallic sign that reads “COFFEE”. 

“I walked into the shop and I felt like it could be a home away from home,” senior Bailey Chase said. “It wasn’t overbearing, but it also wasn’t a blank canvas.”

The Coffee Nook also has a nice variety of beverages, flavors, milk types, pastries, and cup sizes. All ingredients are purchased from Coffee City USA, a roaster. Prices range $2.25 to $5.25, with add-ons available for $0.50 to $0.60. They also have reward cards that they punch with every purchase. 

“The coffee is so, so good, and I had this pumpkin spice muffin the other day that tasted like a buttery pumpkin biscuit,” junior Sydney Lebel said. “I go there almost everyday I work.”

Even though The Coffee Nook is a new-born establishment, Heneralau is already making plans and forming ideas for the future, such as open mic nights, murder mystery nights, updating people about specials, live music, getting free WiFi for school and work, and making the kitchen more functional. 

“We figured it would be better to do things one step at a time instead of trying everything out at once because that would just be way too it chaotic,” Heneralau said. “We’re still working everything out, but some things will change eventually.”