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Student Spotlight: Sydney Lebel

In a world full of lies, it can be rare to find someone that believes in being truthful. This is why Junior Sydney Lebel, a young lady of complete and total honesty, can be a breath of fresh air for some people.

“I know people don’t like how honest I am, but I don’t really care,” Lebel said. “I don’t like it when people lie to me, so I think that if I’m honest, maybe people will be the same way to me.”

Aside from being honest, Lebel describes herself as a cheerful person who looks at the bright side of life. Sophomore Josie Henson said that Lebel is “optimistic 99.9% of the time” and “never lets anything get in her way.”

“I personally love that Sydney can always make you smile, even when you’re having a bad day,” Henson said. “Her energy is very contagious and she’s an overall fun person to be around.”

In school, Lebel participates in Cheer, FFA, NHS, does Dual Credit and strives for all A’s. Over the course of her high school career, Lebel has had an impact on her fellow students.

“Sydney is honestly such a good role model and can help us make all of our plans become a reality,” junior Katy Webb said. “She is a great leader that is full of advice and always knows what to say.”

Despite being in so many activities and extracurriculars, one of her main focuses in school, aside from her grades, is cheer.  Freshman Avery Best said that Lebel is a great cheerleader, considering that she has a “very loud voice” and is “always sharp” with her motions.

“I love being in cheer with Sydney because she makes standing on the side line 10 times more fun than it already is,” freshman Avery Best said. “She makes standing on the sidelines 10 times more fun than it already is.”

Although she still has one more year of high school, Lebel is already planning out her future as a teacher. Lebel said she is going back and forth between being an Ag teacher and an elementary school teacher. She plans to attend either TAMU or Sam Houston State University.

“I feel like if I’m a teacher, I can have a bigger impact on people and I’ve always wanted to do that,” Lebel said. “Even if it’s the smallest thing, I love knowing that I’ve had an influence on someone, and I want to bring some optimism into the world.”

Lebel said her main motivation is making not only herself, but other people proud.

“Being able to have something in the end, like a family, a job or a career really motivates me,” Lebel said. “I know that no matter, God has a plan and everything happens for a reason.”