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Volleyball team set to start district play

The volleyball girls have been at work since the beginning of August. So far they have played nine games and three tournaments. According to the coach, Daryl Skelton, their hard work and determination have helped each and every one of them to improve and become better.

“I think we are doing great,” sophomore Aryonna Coleman said. “We usually focus on not necessarily winning, but on getting better individually and working as a team.”

The season has been mainly focused on whether the girls and team are improving as a whole. In every game there are mistakes, but the girls own up to them and fix them. The team doesn’t let one mistake bring the team down; they take that chance to get better.

“As a team, we have been playing really well; we’re working together and getting along,” senior Mollie Dittmar said. “We’re way more active and able to get the ball better.”

Many girls have enjoyed the season; traveling to other places to work hard alongside their teammates makes them feel more passionate about volleyball.

“I love game days. I’m always excited and ready to play,” freshman Alison Bing said. “Going onto the court and scoring points with my teammates puts me into a wonderful mood.”

The first district game is on Friday against Westwood in Buffalo. The girls are ready to work and play hard as a team.

“We have the potential to do great. We just need to keep working together as a cohesive unit,” Dittmar said. “I’m loving the season and I’m excited to start district this Friday.”