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Lady Bison rolling through winning season

The Lady Bison have a record of 5-1 in round one of district and have already started round two of district with a win against Crockett. The winning record is a new experience for the Lady Bison team, which has struggled for the past few seasons.

The girls are hoping to continue to execute and make it to playoffs, which hasn’t happened since 2009.

¨I am so focused on working hard during practice with the girls,¨ head coach Chuck Carr said. ¨I have a good feeling about these girls and playoffs.¨

The girls know that earning their spot will be just the first step.

¨No matter how good everyone says another team is when we make it that far and we come face to face with a good team, hopefully, we will be prepared and on our toes,¨ senior Kenzie Barnes said.¨I think we have a good chance of making it to playoffs as long as we keep executing like we have been.¨

The Lady Bison defeated Crockett, Elkhart, Teague, Frankston and Westwood but fell short against Groesbeck.

¨I remember my freshman year through junior year we struggled with these teams,¨ senior Melanie McGill said.¨But this year it feels so good to finally defeat them.¨