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Bison move into second round of season

Time is ticking on the clock and the crowd is going wild. The score is so tight that one basket can make the difference. The boys push to win that last shot and the game, hoping to keep their season in line for a shot at the playoffs.

The basketball boys have had an exciting season so far, pulling in a winning record. As they moved into the second round of district, the boys are 15-5 overall and 5-2 in district.

“Games have been very crazy, with Teague and Crockett being two very exciting games,” senior Luis Porras said. “With a few losses, we are still proud of our stats.”

The district opener game was held at Crockett, with the Bison taking the victory win against the Bulldogs with a close score of 64-61.

“We were down by more than twenty points a little before half-time,” senior Chase Thompson said. “Then the team got it together and began to play amazingly both in offense and defense; we were so proud to make a comeback.”

The team continued to pull in Ws as the season progressed.

“We have done way better this season, with many more victories than ever before,” senior Dirk Kilgore said. “Our hard work at practice is finally paying off.”

The losses have been tight, with the team staying close until the final buzzer.

“The boys worked their tails off against Teague with a close final score of 46-49 and Crockett with a final score 52-58,” coach Mark Martin said. “Although we did not win those games, the boys played their very best and I know they will continue to play like this in future games.”