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Spotlight: Mackenzie Houston

Sophomore Mackenzie Houston, better known as ¨Red¨ found herself moving into the district this year when her father was hired to be the new athletic director. Her dad isn’t the only one involved in sports: Mackenzie plays volleyball and basketball, is a member of GEMS and FCA, and works as the water girl for the football team. Houston plays sports to keep her occupied but her favorite sport is volleyball. She thrives to better the team every serve and every set.

¨Out of all the sports I play, volleyball is definitely my favorite,¨ Houston said. ¨It’s one big family and even if I´m not very good at it, I still connect with it. Like I just immediately vibe with the process.¨

In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her friends, play with her dog and clean.

¨Red is an outgoing person and she is very fun to be around and hang out with,¨ sophomore Betsy Martinez said. ¨She always has my back and is always there for me when I need her.¨

After Houston graduates, she plans on going to Tarleton State University to major in nursing and minor in criminal justice.

¨I want to be a forensic nurse because I’m drawn to helping others and making others get to a better state of mind after trauma,” Houston said. ¨Plus I have family in Stephenville and I want to be close to my family.¨

When Houston started school here, she immediately seemed to fit in. She didn’t have trouble making friends since her personality gave her a bonus.

¨Red is super funny and the best kind of friend you can have honestly,¨ junior Maddie Bates said.¨She came in as a new student but killed it and made plenty of new friends. Her personality just wasn’t resistible; she is so fun I love her so much.¨