Anatomy students build projects


gaskins photo

Senior Ryan Slatter works on his model of Bob. He used Bob to show the flow of blood through the major organs of the body.

    Anatomy students didn’t have to wait until the end of the six weeks to “take” their tests; teacher Pam Sharrock assigned the task of building a model of any part of the body, along with a two-page research paper on their chosen body part, instead of a test.

    “I didn’t enjoy the project too much because it was a lot of work,” senior Ryan Slatter said. “But, it was kind of cool because I learned new stuff about the circulatory system.”

    Slatter said the projects were tedious and he spent a lot of time from other classes trying to finish his. For some students, the projects added extra stress to an already-busy end of the semester.

    “It was a challenging process and took a lot of hard work,” senior Jacob DeBorde said. “But I feel like I accomplished a lot.”

    When Sharrock’s husband fell sick, turning projects in came to a standstill. Students were not disappointed in the extra days they had to work on and finish the projects.

    “I’m not going to lie, having this extra time to finish my project is probably going to be for the best,” senior Preston Mosely said. “My ear project is falling apart, and I’m going to use this extra time to make sure it is in presentable condition.”