Seniors raise ProGrad funds


pate photo

Seniors Chelsea Brewer, Morgan Altom and Jacob Davis serve the steak dinners at last week’s fundraiser. The senior class came away with more than $12,000 to use on graduation night.

    The steak dinner is a major fundraiser every year for seniors. The money raised is used for project graduation … and to make one lucky person a little richer.

    “The steak dinner is a really good way to earn money,” senior Trent Martin said. “It was a lot of work, but it will be worth it on graduation night.”

    Seniors and parents worked hard to sell tickets for the dinner. The weeks leading up to the dinner were spent raising money for the event. Tickets had to be signed out to parents for students to sell. With each one costing $100, it was crucial that every ticket was sold.

    “In order to profit money from the fundraiser, every ticket had to be sold,” senior Jessica Presutti said. “That meant going around to every business in town and trying to sell as many as we could.”

    When Saturday came around, seniors and parents spent the day setting up and preparing. That night they worked to serve food and drinks to the people in attendance. The hard work was worth it in the end.

    “This year’s project graduation steak dinner was a huge success,” parent and coordinator Amy Gaskins said. “Seniors and parents worked hard to ensure that everything ran smoothly and to top it off, we exceeded our fundraiser goal.”

    After paying for the food and paying the $10,000 to the winner, the senior class walked away with a profit of more than $12,000. This money will go to paying for prizes for every senior and the trip to Grand Station in Bryan on graduation night.