Spanish class uses QR codes to enhance learning


mosley photo

Junior Macey Jonas whips out her cell phone to check out the QR code posted in the hallway for the Spanish class project. TEacher Valerie del Bosque used the codes to help her students learn vocabulary.

    By trying to keep up with the technological era, Spanish teacher Valerie del Bosque decided to set up a QR reader scavenger hunt for her Spanish class students.

    “I found it on a website,” del Bosque said. “I thought it would be a great idea, since the kids are always on their phone.”

    She tried to make it easy on them because they had to run around the school looking for answers.

    “It’s not really that hard,” del Bosque said. “It’s mostly color questions, like what color is so and so’s shirt.”

    Some students thought it was interesting, even if it was not the typical class assignment.

    “It was cool,” Freshman Madison Wright said. “It was different, but I liked it.”

    It was a bit of a challenge, according to some of the students. Since all of the codes were in different spots around the school, they had to watch for them everywhere.

    “I had to go around the school to get all the codes,” freshman Steven Millar said. “The students put them up, so some were hard to find.”

    The assignment was a big enough hit that del Bosque plans on keeping it around.

    “I will do it again,” del Bosque said. “I thought it was very creative and just something different for them to do.”