NHS inducts new members


pate photo

Sophomore Jacie Jones lights a candle during the NHS induction of new members. Jacie was one of the inductees.


    NHS officers decided to do something new and different this year for inductions. After last year, they wanted to change the ceremony and make it more interesting. Instead of honoring only the new inductees, they recognized current members as well.

    “I am very proud of my NHS officers,” sponsor Dawn Egan said. “They did a wonderful job at making the ceremony memorable for inductees and current members.”

    The lighting of the candles at the ceremony was done by every member. By the end, there were more than 20 lighted candles symbolizing the pillars of the organization. As each student lit his or her candle, the audience was entertained with a few mishaps.

    “I think it showed how laid back we are when Jacob dropped his candle and everyone busted out laughing about it,” president Haylee Brewer said. “Other than that, everything was a success.”

    The officers spent time in the weeks before the ceremony getting to know the new inductees. As they welcomed them into the organization, the officers read interesting facts and characteristics about each new member. The hard work and thought that was put into the event paid off and everything ran smoothly. Officer Kortni Hibbard said that she hopes that they have started new traditions for the ceremony that will carry on for years to come.

    “It is a privilege to be inducted,” sophomore Abigail Smith said. “I am proud and very honored to be a part of an association like NHS.”