Belles take on Halloween with dance


compean photo

Sophomore Brooke Barron decorates Maria Maltos’s face for the Belle’s performance at the junior high pep rally. The girls danced as broken dolls.

    Creating her own choreography for the Belle’s dance at the junior high pep rally on Halloween inspired director Amanda Harter to go all-out and paint her girls’ faces and fix their hair to match their dance as broken dolls.

    “I’m excited about it – I’m super excited about it,” Harter said. “The girls are going to dress up in glow-in-the-dark tutus for today’s performance”

    Since the make-up took so long to do, the girls had to decorate their faces earlier in the day instead of waiting for pep rally time, which meant attending classes already made up.

    “I feel awkward,” line member Maria Maltos said. “But, we’re Belles and we have to show spirit.”

    The Belles wanted to show their Halloween spirit for the junior high pep rally that afternoon. The work and time spent on makeup and hair made the performance all that much spookier.

    “It took a certain amount of time for my make up to get done, but it turned out great,” said manager Leana Gore. “It was cool.”