Pink Out events raise awareness


scott photo

The cheerleaders sport pink poms while the football players fun through the victory line at Friday night’s Pink Out game.

    The football team might have lost the rivalry game, but the “Pink Out” game helped get everyone a step closer to saving second base. All through the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the school and student organizations were decked out in all things pink. It just so happened that this year the Buffalo/Centerville rivalry game was the same week as the “Pink Out” pep rally and game. The student body and faculty rallied together to help show support and raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

    “Having school spirit is always important,” freshman Lauren Pate said. “But seeing everyone come together and participate to support such a great cause really puts a smile on my face.”

    With all of the crazy pink outfits and the excitement of the upcoming game buzzing through the halls, it was hard for many of the students to focus on school work and make it to the end of the day without becoming a nervous wreck. Teachers were irritated about not being able to get through the lesson plan, but they understood the importance of the day.

    “You only go to high school once, so why not have a little fun,” teacher Brenda Land said. “The students only get a few days a year to be a little crazy, and besides, it is for a great cause, so I don’t really mind goofing off in class for one day.”

    Although “Pink Out” is a day for fun, it is also a day for remembrance. Many students and teachers have experienced some kind of run-in with breast cancer, whether it be themselves or a loved one. In honor of those who have lost their battle and for those who have won, a special moment of silence was held at the pep rally.

    “It takes an extremely strong woman to fight a battle against a tough competitor like cancer,” junior Lauren Helmcamp said. “They endure so many obstacles, the least we can do is show our support for them.”