iOS7 provides iPhone facelift


    iPhone users are wondering how others have been adapting to iOS 7, which is Apple’s biggest change to their franchise since the release of the first iPhone. The user interface has transformed into a whole new look and feel with a new color scheme, typography, and icon designs. To help users understand the new change, Apple claims that you can adapt to iOS 7 quickly because the UI (user interface) isn’t so different from the original iPhone controls.

    The most noticeable change I could see in iOS 7 was the new color scheme and design of the UI. Apple had chosen brighter and bolder colors than the older looking gradient and textured icons. The update features newer typography as well all throughout the phone from text messaging to browsing the web. It seems to me that Apple wanted to achieve a simpler and cleaner look to the iPhone so the user isn’t distracted by all the fuzzy textures and outdated fonts. I liked this change a lot as it seems to be more adaptable than I had thought it would be.

    As far as functionality goes, iOS 7 is sporting a new control center accessible from anywhere within the phone regardless of what app you have open. All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull up the control center which displays an array of basic settings for you to manage such as volume, brightness, orientation lock, wifi, airplane mode, a mini music player display, and app shortcuts to the camera, calculator and even a flashlight. I’ve used this PLENTY of times when I’m either in the dark looking for my keys or when someone is talking to me when I have my headphones on and I need to pause my music for a moment.

    The UI isn’t the only thing getting a facelift. All the pre-installed Apple apps have more than just a new look, some come revamped with additional new features that allows more productivity than ever before. One example is the Photos app. Before, you could only share photos with a few social media options. Now there is a whole new set of options to share not only to Facebook and Twitter, but to use Apple’s AirPlay and AirDrop features as well along with wallpaper and even printing options. I think this was a smart move for Apples because this will attract those social media addicts with this kind of technology.

    Everyone with an iPhone 4 and later will be able to get this update and experience the new iOS 7 for themselves. If they need to get an upgrade, they’re in luck because Apple has released the newest iPhones 5S and 5C to their product line. Both phones will come with iOS 7 ready to go as well as some newer features exclusive to these two new phones. For the iPhone 5S, a faster A7 chip has been added to provide users with even more multitasking features than ever before. The chip can handle more RAM (random access memory) for a smoother user experience. The 5S also boasts a new 8MP camera with slow motion capabilities with the new M7 processing chip capable of recording in 1080p at a whopping 30 fps. The phone is also on the front of the smartphone line because they are now introducing fingerprint  technology that registers your unique fingerprint to unlock your phone as well as approve purchases online. This is causing a lot of controversy due to the possible security breaches that could enable unwelcome people access your personal information. This phone is available in three new colors: Space Gray, Gold, and Silver.  For the iPhone 5C, it doesn’t come with the slow motion camera or the fancy Touch ID fingerprint technology but it does have something the 5s doesn’t have: a wider range of phone colors.

    You might think, “So? It has more colors without the cool stuff. Why should I get it?” Well, the answer is that 1. It’s only $99 for the 16GB versus the iPhone 5S 16 GB at $199, and 2. It also allows for more options of cases designed by Apple themselves. These cases are specifically designed for the 5C with around 30 fun possible color combinations. These are made lined with silicone on the outside because it’s pleasant to hold and all the iPhones speakers and buttons are easily accessible so the case is really integrated with the phone rather than just an attachment.

    Overall, I think Apple did a splendid job engineering these two phones because they allow for more user personalization and productivity. iOS 7 is a truly a beautiful operating system that amplifies the newest iPhone’s processing capabilities. If Apple keeps this up, we might just be able to have 3D holograms on the iPhone 6!