Bonfire lights up Homecoming Week


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Ag teacher Bobby Terry, who oversaw the building of the bonfire, watches as it burns. Concern over the possibility of the fire spreading since it was so close to the woods prompted the school to ask the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department to attend the event and keep things safe.

    In a bid to take school spirit to a new level, principal Tracy Gleghorn put together a group of teachers and students to plan out the most ambitious spirit event all year: a bonfire and tailgate party for Homecoming Week. There hasn’t been a bonfire at the high school in two decades, so the students and teachers spent hours putting it together so that it would be a success.

    “I think the bonfire was a fabulous idea,” teacher Dana. Morris said. “The kids really stayed focused and worked hard, and it was a great community event.”

      Seniors were happy to have a chance to hold a bonfire during their high school career, but many were disappointed that the tradition was just starting back up.

    “I’m happy that we did it this year,” senior Erica Rios said, “but I wish we would have started it my freshman year and kept it going like a tradition.”

    Like any event happening for the first time, or at least for the first time in decades, there were things that the organizing committee saw that they could improve on for future years to make it an even better experience.

    “I would probably change the organization of the tailgating,” Morris said. “Maybe make it a bit more circular, or get more lighting so people can see what all was available.”

    Even though some adults were a worried about kids “playing with fire” and being safe, the presence of the fire department helped to keep everyone safe and the fire contained..

    “I was really stoked,” ag teacher Bobby Terry, who oversaw the actual building and lighting of the bonfire, said. “I was a little apprehensive when they first asked me to help oversee it, and then I got a little excited when we got out there Everybody was working really hard and pitching in. I was pretty excited to be a part of history with the kids, and I’m already looking forward to next year.”