Sadie Hawkins dance proposals keep guys on their feet


scott photo

Junior Lauren Helmcamp waits for freshman Shelley Pate to show up at lunch so she can ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Homecoming Dance.

    Wanting to do something new and different, the juniors came up with the idea to have a Sadie Hawkins dance for Homecoming. Sadie Hawkins dances started as a right of empowerment for women. Instead of the traditional guy asking a girl, the roles are switched. Students went all out in the weeks leading up to the dance by asking their dates in creative ways.

    “The idea came from seeing other schools do it and be creative and have unique ideas,” junior Lauren Helmcamp said. “It’s been stressful trying to get everything together, but experiencing it has been really great. I think getting a bunch of people participating has been the most fun.”

    A group of senior girls got together to ask their dates and made it a week-long event. They made the boys do silly things, like take pictures and post it on Twitter, before they revealed their identity. A couple of days in, most of the guys had it figured out, but the big reveal was still a success.

    “It was fun thinking of different ways to ask the guys that would surprise them,” senior Shelby Ballard said. “Even though my date might have known who I was, he still played along and acted like a good sport.”