Belles continue to push despite injuries


mosley photo

Captain Haylee Brewer gets a hand heading to the field from line member Erica Rios. Brewer is still dancing in a brace despite a torn ACL, but the routines had to be modified so that she would not make the injury worse.

     Down she goes! Another Belle; another injury. Since the beginning of the 2013 football season there have been numerous injuries, ranging from passing out to broken hands. But the one group where you would expect the least amount of injuries from has actually contributed the most injuries so far this year. The Bison Belles have had two girls faint, one dislocate a hip, and one tear an ACL. The number of injuries has taken a toll on the not only the group as a whole, but the girls as individuals too.

     “It’s ridiculously frustrating,” junior Jessica Kaiser said. “Having to work around all of the injuries, re-choreographing the dances and make it look good is emotionally and physically draining.”

     As tiresome as the practices and dances have been this year, the Belles are still pushing through. They continue to have practice with all members in attendance two times a week. They have had to change formations and learn different movements and counts. Having to re-learn a whole new dance is no easy task.

     “It was hard to deal with it all in general,” sophomore Jaylee Hullum said. “It was easier for the officers and the returning members, but it was a little bit more of a struggle for the new members.”

     This season has been no cake walk for the Belles. The team has had to hold together and continue on with a calm mind. With some of the girls being able to dance again, the team has taken on a hopeful view of the future. A few knee braces and some crutches later they are starting to see some strong recoveries soon.

     “I am so proud of the girls,” sponsor Amanda Harter said. “It’s been tough to work around, but they kept their heads up and pushed through. It’s been an interesting season, but I’m ready to have all of the team back.”