JV team hits wall in Teague game


pate photo

Freshman Bryce Fulmer works for some yardage in the JV game against Teague.

     Any football game gets a little more intense when it’s a game between two rival teams. This Thursday, in the first away game of the season, the Bison JV went up against one of their main rivals, the Teague Lions. This was a big game for many of the players, coaches, and even some of the spectators. After fighting through four quarters of extreme heat and competition, the Bison ended up coming out with a 46-24 loss.

    “It was a very upsetting game,” said junior Jernon Hawley. “I believed we could have done better overall; we just should’ve done what we were taught. The team just needs to try harder and keep moving forward.”

     The goal since the beginning of two-a-days has been to prepare for the tough opponents like Teague. Although the boys knew what they needed to do, many of them believed that they failed to do so during the game. The Bison seemed upset with not only the team’s performance as a whole, but in themselves as individual players.

    “We need to learn to try our hardest in games and practice,” sophomore Christian Slade said. “With our bye week coming up we can focus on getting better and preparing for our future games this season. We need to better ourselves not only as a team, but as individuals, too.”

    With two losses this season, the JV team is getting hungry for a win. Next week the boys will go head to head with yet another rival, the Leon Cougars. The boys are determined to give it all they have, and end next Thursday with their first win of the season.

    “We’re getting tired of losing,” freshman Bryce Ryder said. “We’ve been practicing harder than before. As a team, we are preparing to push through and come out with a win.”