Bison fall to Teague


pate photo

Freshman Rhett Read listens to instructions from dad and head coach Mark Read.

     Friday night the Bison football team took a fall to the Teague Lions. From the first touchdown to the last, the Lions had the game in their hand. As a pre-district game, it will not count towards the team’s chance at the playoffs, but there are other challenging opponents on the district line-up that the boys will have to be ready for in order to make post-season play.

    One major event that hurt the team was that less than four minutes into the first quarter, senior receiver Tyler Adams was ejected from the game. According to the officials, Tyler was “targeting a defenseless receiver”.

     “It was pretty devastating,” Adams said. “I know that I have an important role on the team. I thought the call was bad, but there was nothing I could do about it.”

     Adams said his biggest regret with being ejected, besides not being in the rest of the game to help his teammates, was that he was not able to fulfill his role as a team leader. The loss served as a lesson learned for Tyler, who hopes to never have to find himself on the sidelines while his teammates are still on the field.

     “I’m more focused now, Adams said. “I’m ready to go back and give it 100 percent.”