“Dead To You” is a twist of a psychological thriller


Savanna Guevara

“Your son is dead, ma’am. Some hikers strayed off trail up near the Canadian border and found his remains. His death…we believe it happened a short time after he was abducted … Tests confirm it’s your son Ethan. I’m so sorry.” A line captured many minds and compelled many readers to continue reading the psychological thriller that is Dead To You by Lisa McMann. The novel tells the story of Ethan DeWilde being kidnapped from his own front yard at the age of seven while his younger brother Blake watched the scene unfold in front of him.

After running away from a woman called Eleanor and finding a way to search for his name online Ethan, discovers things about him that he did not know, such as he was a kidnapping victim who has people everywhere searching for him. After nine years, Ethan is returned home and remembering things and fitting back in at school. Little brother Blake is a bit suspicious about this truly being Ethan, and the lack of memories makes Blake even more convinced that this is not his brother.

Blake seems to be mad at Ethan for getting in the car so many years ago but starts warming up to him when he notices their younger sister Gracies’ love for Ethan. After many attempts at remembering and countless arguments between Ethan and Blake, along with their parents, a twist in the story comes along and the family finds out shocking news.

Dead To You is a suspenseful story set for main teens that trap readers in the mind of Ethan.