Ag classes still working on projects


Getting closer to the end of the year might mean slowing down on work and getting ready for summer, but for ag teacher Henry Goff’s welding class that is not the case. His students are busy at work with their own projects.

Junior Steven Millar’s current project is fixing up his truck, swapping out the engine; if everything works, he will be done by the end of next week.

“We have worked on many different things during this school year,” Millar said. “Mr. Goff helps us as much as he can with the things that we take on.”

Goff’s students say they have learned a variety of things in his class.

“It is a good class; we learn how to work on stuff such as welding and painting,” senior Mason Jones said. “I got the opportunity to use the new painting facility this year, and it was really cool.”

The classes are very hands-on and teach the students about a variety of skills.

“It doesn’t matter if you sign up for the class and have no background of welding or if you have more experience with the trade,” junior Dillon Beshears said. “If you actually try and learn in the class, you end the school year knowing more about things like wielding, vehicles, and painting.”