Belles take top marks at spring competition

The Bison Belles traveled to San Antonio to compete at The Showtime International Dance Contest at Sea World. The Belles received a first class division award and best in class.

“It was kind of hard knowing that it was my last time to walk on stage. It was pretty much the first time I’ve ever been really nervous to be honest” senior Jaylee Hullum said. “I am really going to miss being a Belle and dancing with my team.”

On the way to San Antonio, the group stopped at the  Bob Bullock Museum in Austin.The girls were able to watch an IMAX film while they were there.

“I think that the museum was very interesting,” senior Miryam Zapata said. “It was really cool being able to go through the different times during the history of Texas.”

The Belles started working in January on their Walking Dead routine. A busy spring schedule with most Belles in other competitions made practice time hard to come by.

“I think that we did very well because we didn’t always have every one in practice or in class, we’d have people gone for different activities, and I think that we pushed through it and did very well,” director Amanda Harter said. “The girls worked so hard this year, and I think that their performances show that.”