Campus participates in Light it up Blue


World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) is a day to shine the light on autism as a world health priority. This year on WAAD, the campus put the light on autism by wearing blue shirts to raise money and awareness for autism. Students also put signs up around the school to let everyone know the date was coming.

“Light It Up Blue is a special day that we have to tell people about autism,” junior Zach White said. “We got the word around by hanging up signs and having people buy shirts and wear blue.”

Autism is a mental development disorder that causes the person to have impaired communication and interaction abilities. There is no cure, but people donate thousands of dollars to organizations to help the parents of these children.

“Kids with autism are no different than you and me,” life skills teacher Katie Villarreal said. “If anything, they are better than us because their hearts are pure.”

While autism might affect a person’s cognitive development, that doesn’t make them any less amazing. Lane Agapiou has autism, but he doesn’t let that stop him. The girl’s basketball team considers him as a coach and couldn’t play a game without him on the side yelling.

“Lane is an amazing person,” senior Allison Grissett said. “He gets really excited about our (basketball) games and is one of our most loyal fans.”

“Light It Up Blue” is a day to bring awareness to people who are affected by this disorder. Kids and adults all over the world are affected by autism.

“Once a year WAAD comes around; however, I don’t want the light to stop shining after the day is over,” Villarreal said. “I want to get everybody involved in the movement to help people teach others about autism and ways that they can reach out and help others.”