Zootopia is fun for the whole fam


    The beautiful city of Zootopia is a place for all type or animals to come together and live. It’s a magical place where being a fox or a small cute bunny doesn’t matter: one’s dreams can take them as far as they are willing to fight for them.

    Disney’s newest release is a wonderful story about a bunny rabbit, Judy Hopps, who wants to break away from the family’s tradition of farming to become a police officer. She goes to police academy and passes as top of her class and is then offered a job in Zootopia. Without hesitation, she jumps on a train to the big city only to realize that the big city is not exactly what she thought it would be. Judy later on meets a sneaky fox, and with his help, she tries and solve the big case.

    This is a great movie for the family, something that everyone would enjoy that shows that no one can judge a book by it’s cover.