Journalism staff produces Global Nomads video


gleghorn photo

The journalism staff takes an international selfie with the students from Al-Hussan in Saudi Arabia during their third video conference. The group wraps up the year’s activities on Thursday.

The students in teacher Melonie Menefee’s journalism class have spent part of their school year getting to know students at a school in Saudi Arabia as part of their participation with the Global Nomads group. Global Nomads pairs schools from different parts of the world and helps the students connect via messaging and international video conferences as they learn together and share aspects of their cultures.

“This is our second year to participate in the program, and it has been a wonderful experience,” adviser Melonie Menefee said. “The students have been delighted to get to know their Saudi counterparts, and several of them have become Instagram and Snapchat friends, which I think is really great.”

The staff will participate in their final international video conference on Thursday, wrapping up their experiences by sharing their final project with the students from Al-Hussan and watching and discussing the Al-Hussan video project as well.

“The girls are all a little sad at ending the program,” Menefee said. “Even though they have to be at school very early on conference days, they enjoy learning about different aspects of the Saudi culture and comparing teenage life with their new friends.”