Daddy’s Home full of laughs


As someone who is not too fond of Will Ferrell, it’s hard to believe that I actually enjoyed his role in Daddy’s Home. Ferrell brought his sense of humor and great acting skills to this film.

This movie had a purpose to bring a family together and teach lessons. Ferrell brings up some of the issues that come with being a stepparent and makes them humerous. That being said, issues like that have to also be taken lightly and that’s where Linda Cardellini comes in.

Cardellini plays the role of the mom who for the most time is on Brad’s (Ferrell’s) side. She plays a very neutral role during most of the movie but she is still a very important character. She played a great, caring mother who even has her own jokes.

This movie could not have been as great of a hit with out Mark Wahlberg playing Dusty, the ex-husband and bio da. Walburg plays a great frenemy with lots of attitude. Throughout the movie both characters go back and forth as expected but take a fast turn into a friendship while trying to win the children over. Just when you think Wahlberg has won, Ferrell comes back and gives an unexpected ending.

I absolutely expected to hate this movie but Ferrell changed my mind with his acting. It’s actually a movie I can recommend.