Donald Trump not the best choice for president


After Donald Trump came in second to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus, he amped up his work at discrediting Cruz and other opponents for the Republican nomination. Trump has spent months making bold proclamations about what he will do to change the country, and he was not happy to find himself in second place in Iowa.

Trump’s ideas are too radical to actually solve anything. He is showing people that it is okay to bully other people just because they are different. Trump is hurting many people with his propaganda, and that could run this country into the ground.

His radical ideas would not actually fix anything. Building a wall across the whole southern border just to have the people he’s trying to keep out of the US fund the whole thing is not practical on any level, and it is not a solution.

Trump is showing people that it is perfectly okay to harm others just because they aren’t the same. There are people who see how he is reacting to citizens of other races and think that is is okay to voice their prejudices and bully those who have different views.

People will be hurt by his plans if he were to become president. Mass deportations would tear families apart and cause major emotional trauma.

Trump and his political staff say that this country needs to be as great as it once was. This statement is outrageous. If one were to look at any point in American history, there has been at least one huge problem that colors the whole time period in which it took place. Instead of repeating history, Trump needs to work on fixing actual problems that Americans are facing.

If he really wants to improve the condition of the country, Trump can work on projects that will create more jobs, provide benefits for those who really need them, and improve the quality of life for all Americans instead of coming up with things that will only make things worse.

Donald Trump is a radicalist who is following in the footsteps of infamous leaders before him. He should be more focused on actually doing things for the greater good and not to better himself.