Coach writes book to be published in the spring


gleghorn photo

Coach JJ Guidry listens in to instructions from Coach Jozette Jenkins during last Friday’s game against Leon. Guidry’s book will be published in the spring.

Even when coach JJ Guidry is not coaching, he is still thinking about coaching much of the time – so much so that he wrote and is publishing a book about coaching this spring.

“It is about motion offenses I created,” Guidry said. “It will include drills, philosophy and principles of man-to-man offense, as well as the motion offense, complimentary man offenses and quick hitters.”

Many of his students are looking forward to the book so that they can say their coach wrote it. They say that it is pretty cool that a coach they know is writing a book that is going to be published. Many hope to be put in it.

“I’m really excited for Coach,” freshman Sherri Donaldson said. “I hope he puts a quote from me in it or something.”

However, this is not the first time something of his has gone public. Guidry says that he has written multiple stories for sports magazines, but has never published his own book.

I had written stories for coaching magazines before about different basketball drills,” Guidry said. “But, I have never published anything on my actual offenses.”

He said it was not easy inventing his own line of offenses and philosophies. He spent a lot of time researching different things to try to make his own.

I spent months researching various types of motion offenses to develop my own system,” Guidry said. “I sent a proposal to Coaches Choice, and was ecstatic when they informed me they wanted to publish the book.

He also has support from the girls’ basketball team. They were all surprised to find out about his soon-to-be-published book.

“It’s cool how he is following his dreams,” senior Allison Grissett said. “I’m really proud of him for doing this.”