The Forest looks at supernatural connections

It is said that twins have a special connection that allows them to be able to feel when the other is in trouble when they are apart. The horror thriller The Forest takes place in a suicide forest that actually exist in Japan. It involves twin sisters Jess and Sara. Jess got lost in the Aokigahara Forest and is thought to have committed suicide. Sara, in typical twin fashion, “feels” that her sister is still alive and is calling out to her. She goes to Japan determined to find her sister in the forest – but will the forest get to her before she finds Jess?

The movie is a bit predictable just like most horror movies tend to be, but the the landscaping is beautiful and it also has an interesting story line. This movie is great for people that like watching horror films that deal with the supernatural. The movies is rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic content and images.