New Point Break full of tense moments


Twenty-four years later after the original Point Break came out in 1991, Point Break was recreated and came out in theaters on Christmas Day 2015. Point Break is inspired by the classic 1991 hit. Seven years after losing his friend Jeff do to a motocross accident, Johnny Utah decides to become an FBI agent. The young FBI agent goes deep undercover, to prove that an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes, are the masterminds behind the crimes that are devastating the world’s financial markets.

The movie stars Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah, Èdgar Ramírez as Bodhi, Judah Lewis as young Johnny Utah, Ray Winstone as Angelo Pappas, Teresa Palmer as Samsara Dietz, Matias Varela as Grommet, Clemens Schick as Roach, Tobias Santelmann as Chowder, Max Thieriot as Jeff, Delroy as FBI instructor Hall, and Nikolai Kinski as Pascal Al Fariq. All of these actors played their parts really well, everything looked real  and I can not imagine all the hard work that went into filming this movie.

Point Break was filmed on four continents, North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. This movie presents amazing feats performed by some of the world’s top extreme sports athletes, and involves some of the most daring exploits ever committed to film. Some of the extreme sports featured in Point Break include snowboarding, wingsuit flying, free rock climbing, high-speed motocross, and surfing 70 foot waves. Please don’t try anything like this at home, or unless you’re a professional.

The lighting went perfectly with all the different settings of this film. Mostly the setting was outside due to all the extreme sports that were going on in the film so the lighting was right for that. Of course there were some dark scenes and the lighting for that was perfect as well, so overall the lighting was great. The director of the movie Ericson Core did a great job directing the movie. Core also directed Payback in 1999, The Fast and the Furious in 2001, Invincible in 2006, and a few other movies. I have not seen any of the other movies he has directed, but I was really impressed by Point Break.

Point Break was a great movie for anyone that loves action packed movies. This movie will make you stay on the edge of your seat. At first I thought it was a going to be something I would not enjoy, but then I ended up loving it. Point Break is out in theaters now.