Groups work together to donate coloring supplies to children’s hospital


scott photo

Senior Emmelee Weathers sorts through coloring books while the Community Service class fills bags for the children’s hospital.

The spirit of giving is spreading all around the school and the beneficiary will be a nearby children’s hospital. Several groups on campus teamed up with one goal in mind: to make a child’s stay in the hospital a little happier.

“We wanted to do something special this year to help out community,” FCCLA leader Wendy Neyland said. “We decided to help the nearby children’s hospital.”

The project, which started off with FCCLA, Student Council and the Belles working together, soon added Forensics and Theatre to the mix. Crayons and coloring books started to pour in.

“So many people wanted to help with the project,” Neyland said. “We collected more than we ever imagined.”

Members of the Community Service class loaded superhero bags purchased especially for the project with coloring books, markers, crayons, and pencil bags, as well as some small superhero toys donated by principal Tracy Gleghorn. The FCCLA officers plan to deliver the bags to Cooks Children’s Hospital over the Christmas break.

“I just hope we can bring joy to the kids,” senior Brittany Scott said. “Since they have to spend the holidays in the hospital, we want to help bring some joy to them and their families.”

A main goal for this project was to spread the sense of giving.

“I loved that we got to do this project this year,” vice-principal Janet Slaughter said. “Helping people is a great thing to do around this time. I’m glad so many people participated in it this year and hope that we keep doing this for years to come.”