Krampus is both fun and terrifying


Christmas is just around the corner with little kids writing to good old Saint Nicholas about what they would like this year as a reward for good behavior. Families get together and reunite, happy to have one another and celebrate the true meaning of family. But what happens when things don’t go as planned the the spirit of Christmas and family is gone?

The legend of Santa’s evil companion comes to life in the new movie Krampus, where a family loses the spirit and hope of the season and must face the consequences. Instead of Santa Claus visiting this year, his shadow comes to punish the bad. The movie starts off with a young boy who doesn’t completely believe in Santa any more but still hopes that his family can get along. The parents of the young boy try their best to make things better, but with all the family and a rebellious teenage daughter, things get out of hand and stress takes over.

The movie is a mix between a Christmas and horror movie. The film is rated PG 13, so some of the younger kids could watch it with the family, though it is a better movie for going out with some friends. Although the movie has some scary pop-out moments, it is mostly super-entertaining, and includes multiple funny characters.