Tomorrowland highlights great acting

Tomorrowland highlights great acting

The beginning of this story takes place back in 1952 when Frank Walker (George Clooney) is in his younger years. Trying pursue his dreams, he meets a girl who quickly comes to mean the world to him. She shows him wonderful new things about the future, amazing things that he has only dreamed about.

Later in the movie the focus turns to a teenage girl named Casey Newton (Britt Robertson). She finds a pin that leads her to mysterious things, and she goes to seek help, only to find trouble. But soon enough she is led to Walker; together they have a quest to save what Walker and Newton believe in.

Lead actors Clooney and Robertson did a very good job. I think the movie’s best quality is the acting. The director focused more on acting than the actual story plot and ending, and really, the movie was very predictable Рthe main character gets the happy ending.

The scenery and shooting was very good in the movie. It did very well with the special effects.

The music featured was from earlier artists such as Theodore Roosevelt. I think the music choice was pretty well done and it met the scenes at a halfway point to get the story to the conclusion.