Bison Babes treat football players


molina photo

Cheerleaders treat the football players before their game against New Waverley.

Bison Babes is a new tradition started this year. Before each game the Bison cheerleaders and Belles are assigned a varsity football player to treat with goodies before the game.

This tradition was started to show the football players appreciation and to say good luck before each big game.

“It’s so much fun giving the boys treats,” sophomore Nadia Garcia said. “I think this was a great idea because it gave the cheerleaders and the boys a chance to bond as a group.”

The varsity boys each love the treats and drinks they get before the game. Each week they have a different girl that gives them different things.

“I like that we began to do this,” senior Logan Freeman said. “I have gotten a lot of stuff that I like from the girls. I hope they keep doing that for the team.”