Hotel Transylvania 2 is a hit

Dracula and all his friends, Frank, Murray, Wayne, and Griffin, are back to raise a little more terror in Hotel Transylvania 2.  Drac has opened the hotel to humans and everything is going fine. Until he meets his new grandson, Dennis Locker, a half-human, half-vampire boy, and finds that Dennis has not yet begun to show signs of being a vampire. Dracula, Frank, Murray, Wayne, and Griffin all get together and build a “Monster-in-training Bootcamp”. Mavis visits her in-laws and is plunged into the human culture. Drac’s dad makes a surprise visit and stirs up even more trouble.

Adam Sandler voices Dracula wonderfully with his playful accent and comedic punchlines. Selena Gomez also does a great job as Mavis. Andy Samberg voices Jonathan Locker, Mavis’ husband, and is, like always, hilarious. Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, and Keegan-Michael Key voice Dracula’s witty crew and the best part of the movie. Also, Asher Blinkoff, who voices Dennis Locker and is new to the world of film, does an amazing job for being only seven years old. All of the characters comically play off of one another, with witty wordplay and droll actions. They all seem to work with each other to make the movie better.

The movie was satisfactory and made me laugh, but the beginning moved too fast. I couldn’t take in everything and I wanted to rewatch the starting scenes because of it. But, the rest was beautifully colored and vivid. Genndy Tartakovsky, the director, made people do what he intended them to do, and that was laugh. Some of the jokes were aimed towards the older audience while some would make a three year old laugh. It sent some mixed up messages, but overall, I liked it.

This movie was released on September 25. The beginning is rather fast-paced, but still enjoyable. The playful music included in scenes was made by Mark Mothersbaugh. The movie is mainly for the younger audience. It is rated PG. It is colorful, fun, and witty.