FCS classes experiment with pH


neyland photo

FCS students Kendall Morales and Chelsea Harter test pH levels in teacher Wendy Neyland’s class.

FCS teacher Wendy Neyland’s class spent time last month learning about pH levels with labs and bases.

“I always love learning about new things in Food Science,” sophomore Lilah Molina said. “Being able to test the pH level in certain things was very interesting and it was so easy. I might even be able to try it at home.”

They tested many ingredients by pouring them into cabbage juice. Some ingredients were soap, lemons, baking soda and vinegar.

“It was fun to do the different experiments,” junior Tori Harrison said. “It was cool to see what was an acid and what was a base.”

For Neyland, the point was to have the class work physically and have a better experience.

“Hands on learning is the best to learn with,” Neyland said. “I thought it was the best to do for the class.”