Class creates stop gap animation films


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Students work on their clay figures while creating stop gap animation films.

Have you ever seen a cartoon movie and wonder how do they do that? Coach Bryan Pauler’s Audio/Video Production class was able to experiment making this type of cartoon with playdough and cameras. Students used the Playdough to animate their own movies. The movies contained storylines and had to make the playdough move to show the story.

“It was really hard because you have to pay attention to every little detail,” senior Sarah Burchfield said. “It took time – it is not something you just pick up. It took us two days just to make the figures for the movie.”

Jordy Maltos works on his stop gap figures.
scott photo
Jordy Maltos works on his stop gap figures.

The students divided into groups, and each came up with their own story line. Then they had to Title their Story and make it become something. They were able to decide what their play would do.

“It was really cool being able to make our own story,” sophomore Sean Hancock said. “Bryce, Ryan and I were all one group, and our video was titled ‘Ball is Life’. It was really cool seeing all of our hard work put together.”

The students were will eventually make more movies this year, as well as highlight videos.

“I’m pretty excited about this class. I have a lot of great students,” Pauler said. “We will learn how to make highlight videos and short films. I have a lot of projects planned for this year.”

On top of teaching Animation, Audio Video Production and more computer classes, Pauler coaches baseball and assists with football. One of his students who is also an athlete is his son, senior Bryce Pauler.

“It’s a blast being able to teach and coach Bryce,” Pauler said. “I feel like it grows us closer. It can be tough at times.”

Pauler’s son agrees.

“It’s hard sometimes because I feel like I am held to a different standard,” Bryce said. “But I like that fact that my dad is very supportive of what I do, and he’s always there to watch me.”