The Scorch Trials not worth the time

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is the second movie in the Maze Runner saga. Thomas and the Gladers search for clues about the puzzling and powerful organization called WCKD. While they are on this journey they are led to the Scorch, which is a desolate landscape filled with unbelievable obstacles. They discover the WCKD’s surprising plans for them while they team up with resistance fighters and take on WCKD.

In this movie, Dylan O’Brien stars as Thomas. He also plays parts in Teen Wolf, The Internship, and in the first Maze Runner. His coworker in this film is Kaya Scodelario, Teresa, who has starred in parts of Tiger House, The Moon and the Sun, and the TV series Skins.

The movie was a common action flick, and more predictable than most. The plot doesn’t follow the book at all and barely connects to the first movie. Like so many movies do, it ended with a cliffhanger, leaving the way open for yet another sequel. I recommend skipping this one unless you’re into the same old storyline movies.