Friday morning meet and greet starts Friday off with school spirit

Football players Logan Freeman, Trey Minter and Bryce Pauler greet an elementary student as he gets to the cafeteria.

Looks of surprise and excitement lit up elementary kids’ faces as they stepped out of their cars last Friday. The Bison football players, cheerleaders and Belles took a trip up to the different schools to help kids get out of their cars before school and provide some excitement to their morning.

“Getting to see all the little kids all excited and happy to see us definitely brightened up my day,” senior Ally Gaskins said. “Seeing how they reacted just made all of us really glad we came.”

Half of the juniors and seniors who were involved went to the elementary and the other half went to the lower junior high.

“I’m glad I got the opportunity to see the kids in the morning,” junior Matt Gilliam said. “Some of them were super shy and didn’t say a thing; others just smiled, and the more outgoing ones talked to us, but they were all really friendly and nice.”

The students that went to the elementary stayed during first period and walk around to the different classes.

“Going to the different classes was so much fun,” senior Jacie Jones said. “We got to sing dance, and just have fun with the little kids.”

The high schoolers are planning to go back to the schools during homecoming week and the pink out week.

“I’m super excited to go back and see all the little kids,” senior Miryam Zapata said. “And I think they will be looking forward to see us also.”