Juniors choose class rings


Jessica Devore works with the Balfour representative to get her class ring ordered.

Class rings are a rite of passage for students, and juniors had a chance to order theirs earlier this month.

“I’m excited about ordering my class ring,” junior Oscar Lopez said. “I’ve designed it and everything. I can’t wait to get it.”

For students purchasing rings, there is a certain level of stress involved.

“I’m excited about it, but also stressed out about it,” junior Jessica Devore said. “Because I have to buy my own class ring and still have to figure out what I want on it”.

The rings are meant to remind students about all they have accomplished in high school while showing off their personalities at the same time.

“I want to get one,” junior Ethen Kelly said. “But then again I think there is no use in it since half the time I just showed up [at school] because I had to. I won’t need it when I leave, but then again I want something to show for what I did.”

As excited as students who are ordering rings are, there are students who don’t feel the need to spend money on something they feel like they will only wear for a couple of years until graduation.

“Why even get a class ring?” junior Gage Grantland said. “In a year I’ll graduate high school and either forget about it or lose it. There is no sense in buying one.”

For most students, though, class rings are more than just a piece of jewelry; they are symbols of all the memories and accomplishments from high school.

“I’m getting a FFA symbol on mine,” junior Brandon Brown said. “I think class rings are a good way to reflect on the accomplishments you made throughout high school”.