Max is the perfect movie for the whole family

Max is a Belgian Malinous, the short haired version of a Belgian shepherd, that is trained to help the U.S. Marines in combat in Afghanistan. Max is handled by Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell). When weapons are missing, Kyle figures out that his friend Tyler Harne (Luke Kleintank) has been involved in the smuggling of weapons. As Max and Kyle go into the battlefield they advance a suicide bomber, Max is injured by an ensuing gun shot and Kyle is shot and killed.

Kyle’s body is sent back to his family to be buried. Max is also sent along side of Kyle to be given to Kyle’s remaining family. When Max is given to Kyle’s family, the Marnie’s notice that Max isn’t calm unless around Kyle’s brother Justin (Josh Wiggins). Justin has his own problems When Tyler returns to visit the family and check on Max, Max goes crazy when seeing Tyler. Justin asks Tyler why Max did that and how his brother really died. Tyler tells Justin that when going into battle and after hearing the shots, Max turned on Kyle and that’s why Kyle died. Justin thinks that there is another side of the story and thinks that Max is the key to solving how his brother really died.

Max is a great coming-of-age story, about growing up and facing your fears. Max is also a great action movie filled with triumphs and terrors. It’s the perfect movie to watch with the family. The chemistry in the cast is great. It seems like they are a family. Max is great for all the adventure and heartwarming movie fans.