Kentucky clerk Kim Davis needs to do her job or quit

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has been all over the news for weeks now for refusing to do her job. She blatantly refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and, when she was told that it was mandatory, stopped issuing any marriage licenses at all. Even after spending five days in jail, she still has not learned her lesson.

Davis has no right to deny people their constitutional right to get married. She failed to abide by the law and failed to do the job that she was appointed to. If her religious beliefs conflict with her job description, she should find another job.

Davis says that because she is a Christian, she cannot issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. That is discrimination. The bible clearly says to love your neighbor. She doesn’t have to approve of their lifestyle, but she does have to do her job, Christian or not.

I think that she should either have to find another job (or at least resign from this one) or go back to jail. After all, she is flat-out breaking the law. On top of that, presidential candidates are backing her, which says that they support her failure to follow the law. In what world is that right?

Religious freedom is one thing. Discrimination is a whole other ball game. If you ask me, Kim Davis needs to see the error of her ways or see the unemployment line.