Band director marries new life skills teacher in Vegas


Teachers Jeff and Katie Villarreal were married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas this summer.

Bells are ringing, and not just the school bells either. Over the summer band director, Jeff Villarreal got hitched to four-year girlfriend Katie White in the big city of Las Vegas. The couple decided to be married by “Elvis” for a wedding that fit their fun personalities.

“We got married at A Elvis chapel,” Villarreal said. “I thought it was bad grammar, but eventually came to the conclusion it was to be first in the phone book.”

The Villarreals said planning the wedding was easy and fun.

“Jeff and I had been thinking of ideas for how to do the wedding, and when we saw the video cam of the Elvis Wedding we just laughed and laughed,” Katie Villarreal, who teaches Life Skills at the high school, said. “We knew that the Elvis Chapel was what we wanted to do because we wanted something very fun, very laid back, and just something that was enjoyable.”

The wedding was shown live on a site online that allowed both of their children, as well as friends and other family members, to watch the marriage.

“There was some issues with the online site,” Katie’s son Zach White said. “The signal would go in and out, and my sister and I could only catch pieces of it, but we were still excited for them and glad we could see the parts we could.”

Journalism students on the way home from a workshop also took the time to watch the wedding.

“It was awesome,” photography editor Sarah Burchfield said. “It looked like a ton of fun and was such a good way to end the long ride home we had.”

There was no time for a long honeymoon, as both Villarreal’s had to be back in Texas to start band practices at the start of August. In addition to her teaching, Katie directs the band’s flag corp.

“I’m really enjoying my job so far,” Katie Villarreal said. “The kids here are great, and I get to be closer to my husband.”