Is Trump who we need running our country?

As pretty much everyone within earshot of a television or radio station knows by now, Donald Trump is running for president and has made quite a few outrageous comments on many things. Perhaps most the most shocking of his ideas concerns immigration.

Trump has stated that if he becomes president, he plans to build a wall along the whole southern border and demands that Mexico pay for it. “Nobody is going through my wall. Trump builds walls. I build walls,” he told TIME Magazine. In addition, he will also end birthright citizenship, triple the amount of border officers, and extend the penalty for overstaying a visa.

It seems hard to deny that Trump has some pretty racist leanings, even though he acts like he’s trying to “make America great again.” When he announced his candidacy, Trump called undocumented Mexicans “drug dealers”, “criminals”, and “rapists”. He plans a mass deportation of illegal immigrants, including what he calls “anchor babies” – American citizens born in this country to parents who happen to not be legal. What kind of person deports legal citizens?

If Trump is elected and goes through with these plans, history will repeat itself. Hitler called for a mass deportation of Jews, and we all know how that worked out. Why would this be any different? When Jorge Ramos confronted Trump on this topic at a press conference, Ramos was escorted out by security, and, when brought back in, Trump responded with “Those people are going to be out. They’ll be out so fast your head will spin.”

The American people have not failed to notice that there has been no mention of how much these plans will cost. While immigrants should come into the country legally, it is difficult to do so with the current immigration laws, and Trump has taken things entirely too far. It’s one thing to protect American rights, but it’s a whole other thing when you’re hurting innocent people. Innocent children, in many cases. Innocent children who are citizens of this country. Is that really the kind of person we need in charge of repairing our country?