Sinister 2 is full of cliches

Coming on the heels of a terrific first movie, Sinister 2 had the potential to be a great horror film; unfortunately, it took another route and came off more mysterious and sad. The mother, Courtney, and her two sons, Dylan and Zach, are finding their way in a new life after Courtney’s divorce and a horrible custody battle, which the boys were witness to.

Just like the original Sinister, one of the children is targeted. It doesn’t take too long to figure out which one. Dylan begins having terrible dreams at night and seeing other dead children that have been taken by Bughuul (the boogie man). The children are trying to get Dylan to join them, but Dylan knows that he should not. Still, he is haunted by them and is made to watch each child’s “movie” depicting the way they murdered their own families. Dylan is expected to do the same and sacrifice his mother and brother.

Viewers have no worries about having nightmares, since not a moment of Sinister 2 is convincing. Full of familiar settings, cliches and jump scares, there was very little imagination in this sequel. It had a couple of good scares, but overall was completely forgettable.